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LC 5A Over-current protection Sensor module uses current transformer to collect the AC signal to achieve the relay over-current signal output within 0-5A. Relay pull while over-current, relay released while not over-current. Users can use the relay COM, NC, NO three ports to control the external circuit on and off, in order to achieve over-current protection.
-Current detection resolution can change the parameter of resistance parameters;
-Output over-current switching signal output;
-Over-current signal setting critical point adjustable,
Operating voltage: DC5V
Operating current: <20MA
Operating frequency range: 20Hz ~ 400Hz
Output mode: switch signal output
Maximum detection wire diameter: 5.2mm
Mounting hole: hole diameter is 3mm, hole distance is 52.5mm
Operating environment: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
The current detection range :AC0.3A-5A
Board size: 38 * 44mm
The Board Description:
VCC: Operating voltage positive;
GND :Operating voltage negative;
NO: Normally open, the relay pulls before the NO and COM disconnect, short-circuit after the suction;
COM: common, relay common interface;
NC: Normally closed, the relay before the NC and COM short-circuit, pull off after.
Using Instructions: 
By setting the potentiometer to set the overcurrent protection point, the clockwise adjustment reduces the detection current.
As bellows:
1. Measured the wire through the current transformer , connect VCC and GND to DC5V power supply;
2. Adjust the potentiometer, when you hear the sound of the relay pull (can be measured with a multimeter COM and NO whether was turned on, if connected to the relay means activated), then reduce or cut off the current flowing  that through the tested wire , if the relay release at this time that over-current protection point has been identified (available to multimeter COM and NC measurement whether is connected, if connected to the relay means been released);
3. When reduce or cut off the current flowing through the wire , the relay is not released, will still need to continue to adjust the potentiometer to find the over-current protection point.
Package Included:

1 x 5A 5V Relay Module
1 x Cable

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