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1. The module adopts genuine high quality 30A relay, the maximum load of normally open interface: AC 250V/30A, DC 30V/30A.
2. Using chip optocoupler isolation, strong driving ability, stable performance; trigger current 5mA.
3. Module operating voltage 5V.
4. The module can be triggered by a jumper to set a high or low level.
5. The interface design is user-friendly, and all interfaces can be directly connected through the terminal block, which is very convenient.
6. Module size: 72 x 40 x 24mm (Length * Width * Height), with module holder: 86 x 43 x 45mm
7. Product net weight: 46g
8. 4 fixing bolt holes, hole 3.1mm, spacing 44.5 x 27.5mm

Quiescent Current
Maximum current
Trigger current
Module interface description:
1. DC+: Module DC power supply positive (trigger terminal voltage positive)
2. DC-: Module DC power supply negative (trigger terminal voltage negative)
3. IN: Signal trigger terminal (default trigger voltage is the same as power supply)
4. High/low level trigger mode selection, when the jumper is connected with the L terminal, the IN terminal is low level trigger, and when connected to the H terminal, it is triggered high level.
5. Normally closed terminal (NC): relay normally closed terminal
6. Common (COM): Relay Common
7. Normally open (NO): The relay is normally open
Package includes:
1 x Realy Module

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