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GY-53-VL53L1x is an upgraded version of GY-53 VL53L0X.
It can measure farther, faster and has better anti-interference.
GY-53-VL53L1x Laser ToF Time of Flight Ranging Sensor Module Serial Port PWM Output VL53L1X+stm32.
Easy to use, eliminating complex communication, eliminating complex algorithms, and directly outputting distance data. It is easier to connect with other microcontrollers and computers (directly using USB to TTL module to view distance data).

Module model: GY-53-L1X
Using chip: VL53L1X + STM32
Power supply: 3-5v (internal low-voltage differential voltage stabilization)
Ranging range: 5cm-4m (dark light, long distance mode)
Dimensions: 25mm*15.6mm (including mounting holes)
Communication mode: serial port output, PWM output, IIC output of the chip itself.
Package included:

1 x GY-53-L1X Infrared Ranging Module with two pins

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