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Double-layer PCB board (22mm × 30.5mm)
Input voltage range: 5.5V ~ 36V Max. 40V
Delay time: about 60 seconds
Sensing distance: More than 10 meters
Can be triggered repeatedly
Ultra-low standby current standby current within 2MA to the company's instrument test shall prevail
Above for the normal working conditions of the module or cause damage to the module to be self-processing
Working principle:
LV-WR-01B microwave sensor module according to the principle of Doppler, the use of planar antenna to send and receive high-frequency electromagnetic waves, and then detect the backwash wave has a small mobile changes, and then trigger the microprocessor work, the final output of useful control signal H-1 / L-0) or control status (on / off, ie, on / off).
This product is widely used in security monitoring, intelligent control system, lighting appliances (garage, corridor, road and other places use).
1. From the temperature, humidity, air, dust, noise, bright and dark, etc., anti-interference ability.
2. The microwave module is a field to send and receive signals, covering a wide and no blind spots.
3. The microwave in the transmission process is relatively better induction effect:
in the indoor use, the effect is better; outdoor use, due to the impact of the environment. There is a slight sense of sensing distance or slightly weak sensitivity of the phenomenon. This is a normal phenomenon;
4. Professional design flat microstrip antenna, low power consumption, in line with ROHS environmental protection, product consistency is high
● About power supply:
It is recommended to use a qualified DC power supply, that is, the output voltage, current and ripple coefficient and so on the standard DC power supply, otherwise it will affect the stability of the product, there may be some anomalies.
● About false positives:
1. To ensure the power of qualified, please refer to the power supply;
2. When testing, to ensure that the product is not moving around the object or high-frequency electromagnetic waves (sensing range);
3. After power on about 10s-60s initialization time, during this period is an abnormal sensor, may cause false positives;
4. In the indoor test, the sensor is relatively sensitive, the surrounding need to remain static, and to ensure that a sensor signal cycle after the end of the next test; outdoor test, be sure to pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as birds, pedestrians, such as vehicles;
5. The module output signal current is very weak, direct drive too high power drive tube, it may also cause false positives.
● Adjustment of working delay
The back of the module has a 0805 package of empty solering resistance [time] resistor, used to facilitate the adjustment of the delay time, after the corresponding resistance soldering, the corresponding position extension time will be longer.
Reverse the resistance of about a small time the shorter the resistance input parallel relationship to facilitate the adjustment of the standby can not properly soldered.
● Adjustment of sensing distance
The module has a 0805 package on the back of the empty soldering resistance to facilitate the use of adjustment
Note: This resistance value is greater than 2MΩ, the circuit may be unstable! It is advisable not to adjust this resistor yourself. Normal can not be soldered.
● The product of the shell assembly (not includes shell)
Metal shell is not easy to penetrate the microwave, so this product should be avoided in the metal shell installed.
But such as plastic, ceramics, woody soil obstacles, penetrating effect is better. Please refer to the test.
Package included:
1 x Radar sensor Board

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